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Produced and directed by Soul
Written and directed by Jody Banks
Executive Producer - Soul
Editing and sound mix by Jody Banks

Jody Banks
Alex Cohen
Shay Franco-Clausen
Jen Brandini

Brent Turner
Narrated by Peter Coyote
R. James Woolsey
Merlin Owens
Brian Fox
Alan Dechert
London Breed
Christine Pelosi

Director's Statements

My favorite projects are documentaries about pressing issues overlooked or ignored by the mainstream media, and when I found out that the simplest and most effective solution to vote hacking is being suppressed by the private corporations that profit from U.S. elections software, it was news to me, and I thought more people should know. Brent Turnerís unrelenting fight to preserve our most basic democratic right confirms my faith in the ability of engaged individuals to bring about real change in the face of corporate greed, political corruption and international cyberwar, and his drive and determination are an inspiration to activists in all arenas.

Jody Banks

I had just finished directing a feature documentary about the portrayal of women in the surf industry when I met Brent Turner. He had seen the film and praised its investigative storytelling, adding that he also had a story to tell. A lifelong political activist, Brent has devoted the last 15 years to election system software reform in the wake of repeated election irregularities computer scientists attribute to vote-counting software that is highly vulnerable to hacking. As he described his evolution from untamed anti-establishment heavy metal rocker to fanatical constitutional rights activist, I pondered the fact that there are very few people who will sacrifice so much for their convictions. After three years of production and editing, I find the ongoing persistence of these problems and the lack of attention paid to them both shocking and deeply troubling. An accurate vote count is the very basis of democracy. We made this film to pay homage to real activists like Brent bringing attention to this critical and timely issue.